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Podere della Bruciata WINERY




10 cru da 10 terroir unici


Exploring Ancient Excellence: Our Odyssey Through Tuscan Taste and Tradition

For a quarter of a century, we have dedicated ourselves to the pursuit of an ancient, rare, and nearly forgotten flavor that intertwines with the deep roots of Tuscany. Our “cru” wines are the result of this passionate exploration, produced in limited quantities in unique and rugged territories, endowing them with an extraordinary mineral profile, characteristic of Tuscany.

The Tradition of Tuscan Wines

Our passion for Tuscan winemaking tradition is grounded in a centuries-old history that we cherish preserving. We welcome only those who share this passion and execute it with dedication. We firmly believe that great wines should remain true to their natural essence, capturing and preserving the complex and delicate character of Tuscan terroirs. With every sip, we invite you to discover the authenticity and excellence of our roots, embodied in our wines, the result of extensive research in the heart of Tuscan tradition and taste.

Explore Organic Wine in Montepulciano

Welcome to the heart of Montepulciano, where our small winery, surrounded by ancient forests, lovingly crafts its organic wines. With a deep respect for nature, we cultivate grapes that give birth to limited but extraordinary productions.

Our wine is a craft, an art form with a special focus on quality. Each bottle tells the tale of our land and its traditions. Join us for a unique tasting experience, paired with rare recipes prepared with passion by our local artisans.

Discover the world of organic wine in Montepulciano with us, where simplicity meets tradition to create unforgettable tasting adventures. Welcome to our universe, where wine comes to life in an authentic and accessible way.

Who We Are…

We are artisans of wine, deeply connected to the land that surrounds us and respectful of tradition, yet forward-thinking. In fact, we cultivate our land using organic methods and craft our wines naturally, avoiding the use of synthetic yeasts and minimizing the use of sulfur.

What We Do…

For us, simplicity is the key to making good wine; therefore, our methods are straightforward, and our means are modest. We firmly believe that respecting the raw materials, the Montepulciano region, and the consumer represent the forefront of our approach, as we ourselves are the most discerning consumers.

We pay attention to every detail with great care and precision because we love wine, and we enjoy it when it’s good and genuine.

A Glimpse of Our Philosophy…


Indulge in Tuscan Craft Wines

At our vineyard, you have the freedom to choose the tasting experience that suits your needs and preferences. Opt for the classic and comfortable cellar tasting, or embark on a more adventurous journey in the vineyard, where you can savor our wines right where they originate.

Rest assured, we offer only expressive artisanal wines from the Montepulciano region. These wines perfectly embody the characteristics of our land and our deep passion for winemaking.

Nature Is Best Experienced from Within

For the adventurous souls, don’t miss the unique opportunity to explore our vineyards aboard our 4×4! We firmly believe this experience will gift you unforgettable sensations and allow you to discover the beauty of our land in a truly unique and original way.


More Than Just Sangiovese

Tuscany is globally renowned as one of the most significant wine-producing regions, thanks to unique and unparalleled grape varieties like Sangiovese. Yet, our region is also blessed with lesser-known indigenous grapes such as Colorino, Canaiolo, Pugnitello, and Trebbiano.

All these grapes have deep roots in a millennia-old tradition, making them authentic expressions of our land and culture.

Artisanal Tuscany

At Podere della Bruciata, we take pride in showcasing the artisanal side of Tuscany, allowing our guests to savor the nuances and complexities of our regional wines. Here, you can truly “taste Tuscany” with all its aromas, flavors, and emotions.

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