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Typical Tuscan restaurant

Menù km0, Glutin free and Vegetarian

We take all our ingredients from local producers, that’s why we call it “zero kilometres menu”. We have suitable meals for vegetarians and celiacs.
We always strive to find unique flavours, which we present each and every night. Villa Ambra’s restaurant is not just a kitchen, cooking is our passion and we are extremely careful in serving good quality meals, in line with typical Tuscan traditions.
The menu is always varied and every meal has five different dishes, so that you can get a better flavour of our tradition.
We mostly use organic products or from local producers, thanks to our collaboration with Podere della Bruciata and Campino delle Querce.
We obviously focus on typical Tuscan meals, where our roots lie. Nevertheless we like to experiment and offer a wide range of options from all of the Italian tradition.


A restaurant for everyone

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We always strive to make everyone happy with our meals, therefore we are specialised also in a range for celiac and vegetarians. We like to reinterpret Tuscan meals also in a way that is suitable for those who are celiac or vegetarian. Also our wines follow these principles. Podere della Bruciata’s wines are 100% organic and natural, so that everyone can enjoy them.




Steak galore: La Fiorentina

VillaAmbraSalaCUcina (15)VillaAmbraSalaCUcina (14)Warning: you have to be very committed and motivated to try this. But if you try it, you will understand the real taste of a Tuscan steak. As a side, just a small salad. And La Fiorentina is best served with a bottle of Vino Nobile di Montepulciano, obviously. It goes without saying, but it would be a shame leaving Tuscany without having tried a kilo and half of Florentine steak.
We are afraid that we can only make it rear or medium rear, the cook always gets angry when someone asks for Fiorentina “well done”, and trust us, you don’t want to make a cook angry!
Here as well, we only select the best meat for our clients, so that you can experience a meal that you won’t easily forget.

Wine Menu

At Villa Ambra we take pride in selecting few excellent products, organic or not. The wine we offer come from local producer we collaborate with. One of them is Campino delle Querce, which provides us with traditional wines.
Nobile      Rosso       Bianco
We also have an organic line, offered by Podere Della Bruciata.
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