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The surrounding of Villa Ambra

The best of Tuscany

Villa Ambra is located in Montepulciano, in the south of Tuscany, one of the richest regions in Italy for what concerns historical, artistic, economic, cultural and landscape heritage, between Val d’Orcia and Val di Chiana.
Montepulciano is mostly known for its majestic buildings of the Renaissance, for the elegant beauty of its churches, for Vino Nobile, one of the most appreciated and renown wines at an international level, and indeed for its breath-taking landscapes and the untamed nature.
The location of the town is ideal to reach many other places near by, such as Siena, Florence, Perugia, Assisi, Orvieto, Chiusi the old town of Etruschi, Chianciano Terme, famous for its spas, Pienza, Monte Amiata and Lake Trasimeno. Or you can simply wander and discover ancient old towns and castles, natural thermal pools with warm water, the park of Val d’Orcia, the amazing Crete Senesi and much more.
Many activities can be done in this area, as well as many territories to discover.


Montepulciano is well renown at an international level, this little town can be found on top of a hill at 605 metres of altitude, looking over bot Val di Chiana and Val d’Orcia. Montepulciano’s history dates back to the Etruschi population in IV century b.C. It is mostly famous for its vineyards, where you can get Nobile di Montepulciano DOCG.

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We would like to describe Val d’Orcia by using the untranslatable words of Fabio Bargagli Petrucci. But to get an image to match with the Italian sentences, just Google search it and you we’ll see what we are talking about.
“Questa valle…….
dove verdeggia di annose e foltissime boscaglie cosparse di selci, di asce di pietra e di bronzo, fa testimonianza del primo passo della vita umana; dove serva spezzati gli archi di un ponte, ricorda la forza di Roma; nei castelli serba la potenza feudale, nelle pievi quella religiosa, nelle “grancie”
quella ospitaliera, dapperttutto quella della natura e degli elementi, dall’urto del vento che stroncò le cime dei faggi, allo scroscio dell’acqua che travolse il villaggio…… .”
di Fabio Bargagli Petrucci

* Val d’Orcia


Bagno Vignoni is a characteristic small town dating from the Middle Age, situated at the slope of Monte Amiata and at heart of the Natural and Historical Park of Val d’Orcia. It is also known for its thermal water, which springs at a temperature of roughly 49° C. The Piazza delle Sorgenti is beautiful to watch, a big pool is at the centre of it, where hot water from the volcanic spring is gathered.

* Town Hall website
* Pro Loco Bagno Vignoni


Stendhal crossed the Lake Trasimeno by boat in 1828. Today, this lake is just as beautiful as it used to be and it offers a number of facilities, activities and attractions both cultural and natural, such as surfing, sailing and nice boat trips.
On top of that, you can enjoy an amazing view from the top of the castle of Catiglione del Lago.
 “Il suo lago è un velo argenteo”
(Lord Byron, Childe Harold’s Pilgrimage, 1816)

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Pienza is the perfect village, to the extent that Pio II wanted to turn this small medieval town into the Pope residence that is now famous all over the world. Just as famous is the locally produced cheese, the Cacio Pecorino di Pienza. Monticchiello is also a must visit place, where to watch one of the theatrical shows of the Teatro Povero, which are written and played by locals.

* Town Hall website
* The theatre in Monticchiello


Val di Chiana is one of the most typical and remarkable hills landscapes which can be found in Tuscany, where calanchi and biancane alternate to one another in such a way that it reminds of a lunar landscape. In the Middle Age, Val di Chiana was known as Accona Desert, it has always been a quite adverse territory, which has kept its original environmental characteristics.

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